Remote onboarding- A must “Do” strategy

When you have a crisis, everyone starts thinking about how to come out of it quickly and find a solution to safeguard them. Don’t you think that we should be prepared for such a crisis? Do not think that organizations should have crisis management specialists working all the time and watching a 360-degree view of the world to get a clear picture of what is happening around.

Covid19 is no different. People are comparing it with World War 2 scenarios. This world is different now. Biological weapons, warfare, or any form of natural calamity may seem normal. Post this pandemic, everyone has started looking at disasters in a different view, organizations are investing in crisis management teams with plans.

Now, let us focus on “Human Resources” which is critical to any organization, no company runs without people. During crisis times, people are the most critical assets to manage and they are affected most. When we talk about people, their experience is foremost in any organization. Humans by nature are prone to risks and we should have solutions to mitigate those risks.

When we see anxious times, there is a need for out of the box measures or initiatives. Currently, we are living with a global pandemic and we have a new normal now. Employees have new experiences with this pandemic which they have never dealt with in the past. You need to understand that employees are the assets and you need to safeguard them first and give them a better life and experience. Think about those fresh employees and newcomers who join your organization during this time, it is difficult for you to do social distancing and not letting them feel the office environment and induction. How will you replace this experience? Do you have an alternative path? Yes of course, what about online/remote on-boarding? It seems very new for many, is not it? 

Think about everything that you would have done for your new employee in an offline mode and then convert and visualize each of these experiences into an online mode or remote mode, you will get an answer.

Let me give you some insights and hints right away. 

Offline– Meeting HR face to face and submit the documents/certificates

Online– Upload it on the portal (HR will view it later)

Offline– Introduction with your fellow colleagues and bosses etc

Online/chatbot– An organizational collaboration bot once you log in, you see your colleagues and bosses being connected to your account and you can remotely chat and do video calls with them instantly, ask questions.

Offline- Induction training for you (Rules, Roles and Responsibility, soft skills, etc)

Online– Internal chatbot/collaboration tool where you can even do LIVE and recorded sessions and ask questions, gamify the office and build a simple 360-degree view of the office to experience them a real office.

We have a new life now, let us work together to build a new future and work style.