Learning from this Global Lockdown

Corona Virus- is in everyone’s mind now for the last 3 months- Spain, Italy, US, China, Germany, India, everywhere, millions affected, and everything literally is on hold and everyone is in a pause mode.

What is this happening? Have you ever even thought of this sudden change in our life? It is like when we were planning so well in our life, something came in between and made us scared to even step out and we are in mess? It is simply dangerous and life-threatening. It has impacted both professional and our personal lives.

There are few things that is coming to my mind right now and here are some of the below thought lines:

Is impacted starting from roadside fruit and vegetable sellers to the richest businessmen. What has changed? Everything. The pandemic didn’t see our standards. Everyone is getting worried about their bottom-line. Governments across the world are spending trillion of dollars for healthcare and what not.

Every individual is impacted. Every one of us had to pause now because our professional and personal goals are in crisis and we need to stop, re-work, re-design and re-plan everything from ground zero for a better tomorrow with a great planning better than earlier.

The environment:
It has changed drastically; you must be feeling fresh and clean air outside. You can go out early morning or in the evening for a walk and work on your health a bit which you couldn’t do earlier due to your busy schedules. This pandemic made us realize that we were not doing good and now it gave us enough time to work on our health and focus what is more important to us.

What about jobs? You will see job losses, some of the companies laying off staffs and many such news around. But, believe me one thing, you need to work on your skills, up-skill and re-learn to make you more stronger to come out, re-do things and re-apply for better jobs, even much better than your previous job and do well in life. This pandemic gave us time to up-skill ourselves, let us utilize this well.

Let us do some hobbies like reading, writing and anything else that you always wanted to do but couldn’t because of hectic life schedule. Now, this is the time to do everything.

We almost have forgotten what it takes to kiss your kids, parents or spouses, that feeling has gone and we didn’t have time to even feel this little feeling. Don’t you think that you have some time to re-do all these small activities which will make our life stronger and healthier like never? Of course yes.

The world is changing for a better tomorrow, Don’t be sad and this is not for you and me, everyone in this world has equal standard now, Let us not worry, There is a light at the end of this tunnel, we will see it together. Keep smiling.