Employee and Customer Experience- A two-way approach

How do you communicate? Either via Emails, WhatsApp, normal text messages or video calls, etc. Some may communicate face to face. So, ideally, there is two ways of communication either digital or offline in-person approach. In all these communication channels, there are two people involved, it cannot be one-sided.
Similarly, when you have employees under you, you need to communicate with them in every possible manner and this is critically important when there is a crisis. If you do not communicate, they feel shattered, lose faith, and trust in you and your organization. You need to hear them out and be together. The same applied to your customers.
You may adopt the following skills to communicate with your employees:

Be empathetic: Empathy is something your employees need, and they can connect with you and feel happy and it gives them emotional support.

Be communicative: They need to talk to you, and they want you to understand their conditions, problems and they want a solution. You need to be with them all the time and constantly help them. You should spread positivity through this communication. 

Please observe them and observe other employees, colleagues, your friends, and just visualize what kind of issues or problems that your employees may face or are facing? You should also see what other companies are doing? This will give you insights, you learn and help your employees.

Business continuity is must irrespective of what happens around the world or else everyone suffers. Read blogs, attend webinars, and talk to experts, their views online and journals, and take a 360-degree view of your own organization and how can you improve your own standards. This is a crucial step.

Technology learning and implementation are crucial. You should know what should work for you and what not? You should find out how can you replace your offline activities online and give the same service to your customers and the same experience to your employees. So, the above-mentioned skills which I wrote about are also required for your customers. They also go through a similar situation under this pandemic or any other crisis. Find out what is a common technology for both and find out what is not common and take a decision. It will save you cost.

Hiring is necessary too. You will see many people losing jobs during this time, and you will find good people at a lesser cost. Just hire them and gain their confidence by treating them as business ambassadors and important stakeholders. They will work with you for a long. Increase their salary and give them a performance bonus once the business is back to normal.

Culture in your organization will change drastically during these times and “work from home” being normal, will take your work culture to a different level. Remote work has become the new style of work and its better to adapt and move on.

The world which we are going to face is getting into the digital mode and we need to accept this change. If you can make your employees happy, your customers will be happy.

Are you ready?