Diversity Vs Cultural Fitment

values and culture of any organization if it matches the attitude and belief system of the candidate, then we call it “cultural fit”. We have been giving lots of importance to the cultural fitment of the organizations while we hire new talent, but the agenda of “diversity” shouldn’t be forgotten at all. This is of prime importance to all of us.

We have been experiencing a very different view on hiring for so many years for example- If the hiring manager sees a candidate from his/her village or town, then the candidate is hired or if the hiring manager is comfortable talking to someone and he/she looks nice when they are hired. These are all physical attributes that don’t have any relevance with our large agenda on diversity.

The hiring decisions were made based on personal choices. That’s why we are giving more importance to AI and technology which should be used while hiring candidates to avoid personal bias. So, there should not be any personal fitment, only cultural fitment should exist. Generally, it costs a lot to the organizations because many times we lose out on the best of talents available out there in the market. Organizations also losing out on new and diverse thoughts, and innovation on different aspects of products and services. When you hire people from 10 different continents, you have 10 different ideas to sell your services to these continents, but if you have 10 people from the same country, it doesn’t work out well.

Technology plays an important role while hiring people without bias because technology doesn’t see caste, religion, languages but selects the best based on education, skills and experience. Companies should train their managers to adopt such practices and share the same with their employees. Companies can conduct counseling sessions for the employees to share their ideas on diversity and culture.