Culture & It’s Impact on the Organizational Digital Readiness.

Most of the organizations today are promoting the digital readiness of their organizations and culture plays an important role while promoting and implementing the same. There is a perfect business sense while doing it to stay relevant in today’s world.

Building a real digital ready organization needs agility, openness to learn, preparedness and responsiveness.

As per Peter Drucker- the late management guru, who says that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. If you don’t take care of your own culture then you will not be able to implement the strategy that you have thought to implement.

While organizations are busy in redefining their business models and going digital, they are forgetting its large-scale adoption by its own employees. Culture plays an important role in deciding the success and failure of any new models or technologies. Let’s not underestimate the culture. If your employees are not happy or have different expectations, then you will have to match their expectations with the innovation that you are thinking to introduce.

Companies must invest in improving the digital skills of employees and make them learning partners of the organizations so that they continue growing. Companies should study the learning gaps and train them and finally partner with them for digital readiness. Companies should inculcate a “digital lab” mindset among employees.

Uncertainty is a new buzz word and it is very normal these days. So, we should thrive for change. And adopt changes as fast as possible. Everything looks good on paper, website and media but when it comes to the real change or innovation or implementation of an idea, you need to be really concerned about it and employees are key to every digital change.