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Our Conversation Style - With Voice and Text

  • The job seeker can chat and speak with the bot and answer the interview questions with his/her own voice (audio record the answer) related to the job.
  • He or She can ask key questions related to the job role to the bot and get answers.
  • You can search necessary information about the careers or jobs with your voice or text.

Skills Assessment or Screening Mechanism

  • The platform/algorithm matches the speech with the projected/probable answers, skills derived from the job requirements of the company and give deep insights about the fitment using speech recognition. It generates a relevancy/fitment score based on your voice
  • The platform gives a contextual analysis from your voice
  • The accuracy level of the skills matching depends on the level of speech clarity and based on voice analysis which is carried out at various regular intervals in the employee life cycle
  • We do a regular and continuous check on his/her present “at work” patterns and behaviour which is compared against his/her aspirations and his/her previous thoughts or voice samples

Sentiment Analysis

  • We aim to give the power to machines to behave humanly and be autonomous which reduces friction in the overall people or talent eco-system. The autonomy will reduce this friction and make the system more effective
  • We intend to give the power to machines to tell us the emotions of people correctly from their speech patterns e.g. angry, calm, doubtful, confident, intensive thinking etc.
  • We intend to match the machine results with the real-life work environment to test the efficacy of the technology and how impactful it is for people
  • The matching is done with real LIVE data and we ensure data security at all levels

Our technology

Conversational AI refers to the use of chatbots or messaging apps and assistants which automate communication and create some personalized experience for the target customers.

Here, you’ll find some deep experience about what conversational AI is and how can we leverage this for building better people products.

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Our team

A group of passionate entrepreneurs coming together to solve one of the world's topmost problems i.e "unemployment" in a way that no one could ever think of with the help of Artificial Intelligence( AI) and voice analytics. They are serious about making a difference in people's lives and disrupt employment eco-system with their innovation.

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